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Alternative has been launched by Lifestyle Financial Planning expert Paul Armson and a number of Founding Members who share his vision that the world of financial advice must change. Three decades in the sector taught him that client focus is key. So he conceived a new approach so different he called it Alternative. He based it on the principle that consumers deserve the truth, not products and solutions - and not sales pitches. In other words: the Truth about Money.

All Members of the Alternative Panel are Independent Financial Advisers whose focus has become Lifestyle Financial Planning. They are all members of the Institute of Financial Planning and authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. All are highly qualified in their field, mostly holding either Certified and/or Chartered Financial Planner status. Most important, they all share Paul's belief that it is their responsibility to tell clients the truth about money.

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Paul Armson

Paul Armson

Paul became a Financial Adviser in 1982. In the late eighties he began practicing fee based Lifestyle Financial Planning and his total focus became helping his clients to "identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without ever running out of money". In 2005, at the age of 45, he realised he could afford to 'semi-retire' and split his time between advising clients & sailing his yacht "Spellbound" around the world.

After what he calls his GAP year, spent sailing and mountain climbing, it was time for a new challenge. At the start of 2007 he helped to create and launch truth financial planning software, a simplified version of Prestwood Software which he had used for many years with clients.

As a consultant working with Prestwood he helped over 500 Financial Advisers revolutionise their businesses with a client value proposition based on lifestyle financial planning. These IFA businesses understand how to advise holistically and fully support the needs of their clients.

Paul is now shaking up the financial advice industry by bringing his Alternative 'truth about money' concept to a wider audience.

"I believe the financial services industry has failed the consumer. There has been far too much focus on the selling of financial products – this has simply caused confusion and a lack of trust. But what people need now is the truth, not sales pitches. Alternative gives clients the truth about money by giving the honest advice they require to achieve their financial goals."

"The help and advice we can offer has never been in greater demand," added Paul. "People are confused and worried about the so-called Pensions Gap, the retirement debate and a challenging economy.

"What people need is the truth and a lifestyle financial plan, which Alternative can deliver, leaving the client in control of his or her future at all times."