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About Alternative

Alternative has been formed by Paul Armson and a number of Founding Members who all believe passionately in client focused Lifestyle Financial Planning. They believed the time had come to help the public differentiate between Lifestyle Financial Planners and traditional product/investment based advisers/‘planners’. More important, they felt it was time to help Consumers understand the Truth about Money.

Paul Armson

Paul Armson

Paul became a Financial Adviser in 1982. In the late eighties he began practicing fee based Lifestyle Financial Planning and his total focus was helping his clients to “identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without ever running out of money”. In 2005, at the age of 45, he realised he could afford to ‘semi-retire’ and split his time between advising clients & sailing his yacht around the world.

After what he calls his GAP year, spent sailing and mountain climbing, it was time for a new challenge. At the start of 2007 he helped to create and launch truth software, a simplified version of Prestwood Software which he had used for many years with clients.

As a consultant working with Prestwood he helped over 500 Financial Advisers revolutionise their businesses with a client value proposition based on lifestyle financial planning. These IFA businesses understand that the sophisticated planning software allows them to advise holistically and fully support the needs of their clients. As RDR shifts the emphasis from transaction-based product distribution, IFAs using Truth are already ahead of the game.

Like attracts like...

One of the things that help make the Alternative Panel so special is the passion & quality of its members. Our Founder Members are mainly either Certified or Chartered Financial Planners - or both - and are totally committed to Lifestyle Financial Planning.

So, when you join Alternative you will be able to benefit from the input and experience of like minded professionals at the forefront of the financial planning profession.