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Our Beliefs

We believe that the majority of Financial Advisers are not really telling their clients the truth. They are not lying. They're just not telling the truth.

It's not their fault. It's because of the way 'financial services' has traditionally been so product focused - and has more recently become too 'investment focused'. That's why so many advisers have become distracted from their purpose and have lost sight of the basics.

In reality, it makes no REAL difference to the client whether this fund or that fund is used, or this company or that company.

What makes ALL the difference is engaging with clients about the BIG things that matter. Where are you now? Where do you want to get to? How are you going to get there? In other words: "What's important to YOU – my client?" Chances are, it isn't products! Or investments.

At Alternative, we believe that until you really know about your client, you have no right to talk about their money.

We think it’s time to remember...

  • It’s about people not products.

  • It’s about prudence, not performance.

  • It’s about helping people GET and KEEP the life they want.

  • It’s about making sure clients never run out of money.

  • It’s about making families totally financially secure – whatever happens.

  • It’s about putting the right money, in the right hands at the right time.

  • Professionally, it’s accepting that qualifications are an expectation, not a benefit.

It’s also about

  • Making sure that EVERY client is profitable.

  • And making sure your business builds real value - so one day you can sell it.

Our objective is to help Advisers get back to basics. And in the process, build a better business by giving people what they really want.