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Case Studies

The Case of Too Much Risk

Mr & Mrs Sold Up had recently sold their business having worked hard for 30+ years. The couple were aged 60 and had no children whom to pass on their hard earned wealth. Mr Sold Up’s primary concern was to ensure a high return on his capital.

The Case of Ten Years Younger

Mr & Mrs 10 Years Younger were in their late 50’s, but looked and felt like they were in their 70’s. Working 60 - 70 hours a week, Sunday mornings were spent finishing off the week’s paperwork, their business was slowly killing them. Holidays? Few and far between. Hobbies? None. Stress? Lots.

The Case of Got Too Much

John & Mary Got-Too-Much were in their late 60’s and happily enjoying their retirement. And so they should! John had worked long and hard in a Company that he had helped to grow over many years. He had benefited from his share options. He had accumulated some real wealth. They had plenty of income in retirement; from his Final Salary pension, from some private pensions, interest off their savings and dividends off their shares and ISA’s. They already had a big Number. And they were enjoying it.