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How We Do It?

Simple. We Make Clients the Centre of Attention!

At Alternative, we believe that until you really know about your client, you have no right to talk about their money.

That's why all Alternative Financial Advisers™ (AFA's) use a three stage process that firmly puts the focus on their client – and on achieving their goals, their aspirations.

The first stage of the process is called Lifeplanning™ - getting to know their client, helping identify what's important to them, and understanding the things they want to achieve in their lifetime, particularly the sort of lifestyle they want to enjoy throughout life. AFA's then carry out a thorough financial analysis. Not only are the details of clients' income, outgoings, assets and liabilities considered, but all resources that may become available to the client in their lifetime. This gives an accurate measure of their net worth and current and future financial situation. They can then help their client estimate the cost of the life they want to enjoy in years to come.

Having understood their clients’ needs an AFA then goes to the second stage called Financial Planning. Using leading financial planning software, they produce a dramatic picture, which spells out the reality of their clients’ financial future. Suddenly they see it, understand it, and believe it. The AFA will then model realistic “what if” scenarios that will demonstrate the different outcomes that can be achieved. Many clients have found they can retire years earlier when they are armed with the ‘truth about money’. Others learn how they can spend more now and still be financially secure for the rest of their lives. Other clients identify how much they need to sell their business for to be totally financially independent.

Finally, if a clients’ financial plan indicates that they might need financial or investment products, then, and only then, will AFA’s offer the third process which is independent financial advice. At that stage, armed with a full understanding of their client, they will be able to offer truly independent advice to identify and (if requested to do so) implement financial products or investment strategies that are best suited to clients' real needs.

This three stage process is the exact opposite to how most financial advisers work.