Who are Alternative?

Alternative is a unique, nationwide panel of Independent Financial Advisers who do the complete opposite to most financial advisers. They tell their clients the truth.

How? By providing advice that revolves around their client, not their money.

That's Alternative.

Our Aim

We promote real financial planning: i.e. Lifestyle Financial Planning. We help Consumers gain access to 'alternative financial advice' that helps them to get what they want. We differentiate our members from the vast majority of financial advisers and so called financial planners whose service is, and always will be, limited to selling and implementing financial products and investments. Click here to find out more....

Why Join?

The days are numbered for traditional financial advisers who do not raise their game. The FSA Retail Distribution Review (RDR) will change the face of financial services in the UK. That's why there has never been a better time to wake up, get real – and become ALTERNATIVE!

Not only do we promote advisers who deliver our 'alternative' approach, we also provide access to training to help suitable IFA's make a successful move to a Lifestyle Financial Planning model. Click here to find out more....