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Kevin Carr Tel:020 7183 8033
  Mobile: 07887 838811
Paul Armson Tel: 01562 887767

About Alternative

Launched in 2010, Alternative is an IFA training and marketing company dedicated to improving financial advice in the UK. Based on the lifestyle financial planning concept, the Alternative panel consists of individual IFA firms throughout the UK all delivering a consistent client focused service. All Alternative Financial Advisers (AFA’s) use a three stage process that firmly puts the focus on the client – on their goals, on their aspirations.

About Lifestyle Financial Planning

Traditional financial advice has become product focused and many advisers have become distracted and have lost sight of the basics. In reality, it makes no real difference to the client whether this fund or that fund is used, or this company or that company. What makes the difference is engaging with clients about the things that matter to them. Where are you now? Where do you want to get to? How are you going to get there? In particular, Lifestyle Financial Planning is about ensuring that clients can identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without ever running out of money.

About Paul Armson

Paul has been an IFA since 1982 and throughout his career has been totally dedicated to Lifestyle Financial Planning. In 2007 he helped create and launch Truth software, a simplified version of Prestwood software. As a consultant working with Prestwood he helped over 500 Financial Advisers revolutionise their business with a client value proposition based on lifestyle financial planning. After three years promoting Truth, Paul then decided to leave Prestwood to take his Lifestyle Financial Planning message to a broader audience, and so Alternative was born.